Real Estate Lifeline is a network of real estate investors and licensed real estate agents working to provide the best solutions for the homeowner. We understand that there is no cookie-cutter approach to solving your real estate needs, so we have gathered together the best in the industry to make sure that you are given options and education, so that YOU can choose how to proceed for your specific real estate solution.

The principal of Real Estate Lifeline is Patty Burgess, a seasoned real estate professional who is an investor and a licensed real estate agent, dealing with both traditional and non-traditional real estate transactions. Her goal is to make sure your home-selling and buying experience is easy, understandable, and hassle-free.

We "think outside the box", and in todays market, that is to the advantage of both the Buyer, seller AND real estate agent, if one is involved.  We make sure the goals of all stakeholderd are aligned by offering creative solutions for your to your home selling and buying needs.

For a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION phone consultation to learn how our approach may help you in your situation, please call Patty Burgess at 215-589-0728 or you may email her at patty.burgess@flyersoft.net